Hearing voices

I've just been watching a new documentary on BBC3: "The Voices in My Head." The programme follows three young people, Kyle, Chaz and Emmalina, and uses a novel audio overlay track, created with the guidance and help of the contributors, to recreate the soundtrack of the voices they hear, and give us a flavour of what it's like for each of them as they go about their daily lives. Kyle started hearing his voice about a year ago, after losing his girlfriend, his job and his home in quick succession. Chaz started hearing her voice at university, and gave it a name, Victor, to make the experience easier to talk about. Emmalina has several voices, which have kept her company since she was a child

At a Men's Shed near you

Do you know about the Men's Shed initiative? They're community spaces for men to connect, converse and create. The activities are often similar to those of garden sheds, but for groups of men to enjoy together. They help reduce loneliness and isolation, but most importantly, they’re fun. From this month, the Cambridge Men's Shed group will be setting up camp in the Arthur Rank Hospice Arthur's Shed - why not come and join them? Starting on Tuesday 29 May from 2pm to 5pm. For more info or to book a place please email cambridge.mensshed@gmail.com. If you would like more info on what Men's Sheds are all about please visit https://menssheds.org.uk.

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